(C) = commendation and critique
(E) = exhibition
2019        "Number 12" (C)
             (Formerly "Coming of Age")
                Race and Revolution project
             Katie Fuller
             Old Stone House
             Brooklyn, NY
2017        Group, "Ancestors" (E)
             Affirmation Arts Studio
             New York, NY
2016        Group, “Love, Not War” (E)
             New York Open Center
             New York, NY
2016        Group (summer-only tenant)
             "Family" (E), "Upper East Side" (E)
             Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts
             New York, NY
2015        Group, “Aminah’s Daily Bread” (E)
             Faith Ringgold's birthday party
             ACA Galleries
             New York, NY
2013        “Page Turners” (C)
             Somerset County, NJ Libraries
             Bridgewater, NJ
2012        Solo (E)
             The Actors Fund Home
             Englewood, NJ
2009       Video of soft sculpture 
             “Upper East Side” (E)
             for the "30 Seconds" series,
             filmed by Thilo Hoffmann
             at The Museum of Modern Art
             New York, NY
2005       “Cherry Trees” (C)
             The National Cherry Blossom
             Washington, DC
2005      “Big B” (C)
            American Artist magazine
2019       Critique of artist's statement
            Frances Cathryn
            Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts
            New York, NY
2018       Charles White Printmaking
            Jazmine Catasus           
            Museum of Modern Art 
            New York, NY
2016 &    Summer tenant (nonmember)
2009      Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts
            New York, NY
2011       Advanced drawing
           Daniel Bozhkov
           Hunter College                
           New York, NY
2009     Stone lithography intensive
           Corinne Rhodes
           The Robert Blackburn
           Printmaking Workshop          
           New York, NY
2000-    Fine arts and art history
2003     Susan Brenner, Jamie Franki
           University of North Carolina
           at Charlotte  



I was born in Detroit, Michigan, where I attended the public schools and earned a

B.A. at Wayne State University. I worked for

the government in Washington, DC, and

as a social worker in Michigan, then in

North Carolina and The Charlotte Observer

newsroom. While there, I took evening art classes at the community college and continued into the fine arts program at UNC-Charlotte. My art adventures in New York City began in 2009.


       D. Gale Martin
     Words and Pictures