Coming Of Age
2019. Printed matter attached to wooden crib
headboard. Plain paper, envelopes, shoelaces,
adhesive stars and dots. 44"H x 30"W x 4"D.
Aminah's Daily Bread
2015. Cloth, paper, plastic cup, wire,
papier maché, wood, nail polish, glue, button,
glass tube with cigarette and match.
5.25"H x 10"L x 8"D.
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Upper East Side
2009. Wall hanging of shoulder pads
in cotton, silk and other fabrics.
46"H x 17"W x 0.75"D.
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"Coming Of Age" honors
Danroy "DJ" Henry Jr.,
a Pace University football
player who was shot dead
by police on Oct. 17, 2010.
Years later, with the DJ
Dream Fund scholarships
already helping thousands
of kids, the courts ruled DJ
had died a wrongful death. 
"Aminah's Daily Bread," honoring
artist Aminah Robinson (1940-2015),
was shown on Oct. 8, 2015, at ACA
Galleries, New York, during a charity
auction and 85th birthday party
for artist Faith Ringgold.

I named this piece "Upper

East Side" for a woman I photographed (right) in 2009 on York Avenue, New York City, with her cart full

of plastic bags. Soon, my work traveled a few miles and became a star, but only for

30 seconds. 

Here is the video from MoMA: 


Recorded Sept. 15, 2009, in The Museum of Modern Art by "30 Seconds" artist Thilo Hoffmann. 

Music: Peter John Ross,

Video: Copyright ©2009, MoMA. Published with permission.


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